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Buffing Your Terrazzo and Floors Marble

terrazzo floor polishing Buffing your floors may seem like a finishing step during routine cleaning that if missed, won't have many harmful effects on your floor. In fact, it's a very important step in keeping your floors looking clean and like new, especially if you have terrazzo , tile, or marble floors. Buffing will not only restore luster and shine to your floors, it can also help erase small nicks and scratches. However, buffing is not only ineffective but can actually be quite damaging if it is not done properly. Here are a few simple tips to let you know the right way to buff your floors.

Marble is a very sensitive stone, despite how durable it is. This is why marble floor polishing should only be done with a specialized commercial buffing product. These products can come in concentrated and premixed formulas so it's important that you read the label and make sure that you are using the proper amounts. Whichever type of buffing product it is, it should then be placed in a spray bottle where a light mist can cover one area of the floor at a time. As the floor is covered, wipe it away with a soft, cotton cloth in side-to-side motion. Make sure that the entire product has been distributed so that there are no areas of buildup on the floor. Worse than buildup, the product can actually be absorbed into the marble and the grout so it's important that you get it all with the cloth.

Marble floor polishing Buffing terrazzo floors is an easy job as well but still, only a cleaner specific for this job should be used. Terrazzo floors actually look best when they have been buffed with an electric buffer so if you have one or can rent one, this is the best solution. The commercial buffing products often come in the form of a powder and so, once water has been sprayed onto the floor, the powder can then be shaken onto the water until it forms a paste. This can then be gently scrubbed onto the floor and then wiped away with a soft cloth, this process is similair to concrete polishing . Dry it entirely and you now have a newly buffed terrazzo floor!

Many think that tile floors only need a sweep and a good wash every now and then to keep them looking fresh and new. The truth is that without proper buffing, without cleaning grout within your floors, they will quickly become filled with streaks and not only lose much of its shine but this can cause a lot of damage to the floor. This is because cleaner or water may still be left on the floor and can cause buildup and residue. This will only cause you to put more work into your floors and will make them appear older faster.

cleaning grout Regular buffing of your marble, terrazzo, or tile floors can most often be done by you with nothing more than some buffer product and a soft cloth. However, sometimes floors need some extra buffing when they have deeper scratches or other damage. For these bigger jobs, it's always best to hire a professional. Regular Marble floor polishing and Terrazzo floor polishing are esential to the overall good health for your floors. Not only will contractors have the experience to know how to safely and effectively clean your floor without damaging it but they will also have industrial machines and tools that can be used to do the job even better. Not only are these machines, such as sanders, very expensive but they can also cause significant damage if they are used improperly which is another reason to leave the job to someone who does it for a living and knows exactly what they are doing.


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